Discovery Sport Industry Summit

09/16/2014 | CATEGORY: News, Upcoming Events

September 16th, 2014 Johannesburg, South Africa   Frank Supovitz provided the opening and closing keynote addresses to a group of distinguished leaders representing national brands, governing bodies and sports organizations gathered to discuss, debate, network, and share best practices on all aspects of the South African sport industry.READ MORE

Ask The Event Doctor

09/15/2014 | CATEGORY: Ask The Event Doctor

Dear Event Doctor: Our city has a number of good venues—notably a softball/baseball complex and a separate lighted soccer complex—that have attracted some small events. Our biggest challenges are  the factors we have no control over: the distance to our nearest airport and a relatively small number  of hotel rooms. How do we position our…READ MORE

Ask The Event Doctor

09/01/2014 | CATEGORY: Ask The Event Doctor

Dear Event Doctor: Every aspect of an event RFP has significance, but are there areas that you frequently find to be lacking? We are reviewing RFPs for two of our events that haven’t been updated in a while and are curious where we might focus our attention. How often should we be reviewing these documents?…READ MORE